**Maria Muñoz Duyos is a cultural producer. **

Muñoz holds a degree in Direction and Dramaturgie and a degree in Coreography of the Theater Institut in Barcelona (UAB). She studied a Master in Anthropology and Ethnography in the University of Barcelona and in Contemporary Film and audiovisuals in the University of Pompeu Fabra.

Her main focus is the creation documents, narratives, interpretations and experiences on public space, with the active participation of the local context. She collaborates with educational communities, governments, universities, cultural centers.

She is member of the collective InfansFans, a collective that writes about the condition of children in the cities. She is autor and coautor of differents books and publications.

She is initiator and director of the project ARXIU ALÍCIA: Childhood, Experience and Public Space. ARXIU ALÍCIA is an online platform and participatory laboratory that promotes the children perspective about public space. www.arxiualicia.com

**Florian Schmidt is an urban sociologist and activist. **

In 2011, he founded the Initiative Stadt Neudenken (Initiative for Rethinking the City). Since 2009 he has directed the Projektbüro Krea­ tivquartier Südliche Friedrichstadt (Pro­ ject office for the Südliche Friedrichstadt creative quarters), which initiated the first conceptual process for Berlin’s real estate policies and still guides it to this day. From 2007 to 2010, he was responsible for co­ ordinating the Initiative Berliner Kunsthalle (Initiative for a Berlin Art Hall). He is co­ owner of Urbanitas Berlin–Barcelona— Büro für lokale Entwicklung, Kulturproduk- tion und Kommunikation (Office for local de­ velopment, cultural production, and com­ munication) and a founding member of the Creative Board Friedrichshain­Kreuzberg. He has been the studio commissioner of bbk berlin since March 2014.

Since Decamber 2016 Florian is Head of the Department of Urbanism of the District Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg of Berlin - Since this moment Florian is, due to legal regulations, no longer member of URBANITAS.